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Flight simulator training

Flight simulator controls

Simulator Flight Training Specialists

SimCheck International is a simulator-based flight training facility providing the aviation community with high quality simulator services and a cost-effective alternative to other flight training options. SimCheck offers simulators that emulate a wide variety of popular singles and twins—single engine Cessna to Boeing 737. We specialize in customized flight training solutions for pilots ranging from “zero time” to ATP:

  • Insurance Approved Programs
  • Initial and Recurrent Training
  • Basic and Advanced Instrument Training
  • Basic and Advanced GPS Navigation
  • Turboprop or Jet Transition
  • Multi-Crew Cockpit Procedures
  • Interview Preparation/Pilot Candidate Screenings
  • Simulator-Based Flight Experiences (for non-pilots)

Licensed Pilots and Instructors

Take your flying skills to a higher level and become a safer, more confident pilot! Regardless of your current level of aeronautical experience, SimCheck International can provide you with a custom-tailored training solution designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. We offer insurance-approved programs that get you proficient, not just current. Attain and maintain a higher level of competency—practice normal and emergency procedures, learn GPS avionics or advanced cockpit automation.

Owner Operators/Corporate Flight Departments

SimCheck International has all the necessary assets to address the stringent demands of professional flight crew training. Ground schools are taught by highly qualified instructors utilizing modern training aids. Our LOFT-style simulator training incorporates advanced concepts such as crew resource management, approach and landing accident reduction, and upset recovery/stall training. SimCheck International will evaluate your flight training needs and provide you with a customized syllabus and pricing structure that meets your scheduling and budgetary requirements.

Aviation Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to fly (or know someone who has), now you can actually take the controls of a turboprop airliner and experience the exhilaration of flight. Experience Flight Sim Sessions allow you to fly any aircraft, from any location on earth, in any flight environment imaginable—all without ever leaving the ground! No prior experience or flight training is required—a highly qualified instructor will be right there beside you from takeoff to touchdown. Makes a great gift!